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ENGLISH: Dekode is now part of Nova Consulting Group!

It’s finally official. Dekode is now part of the Scandinavian consulting company, Nova Consulting Group. – Dekode is still Dekode. We will remain the same brand, same competence, same people, but with the support and strength of Nova, CEO of Dekode, Magne Ilsaas explains.

Nova Consulting Group consists of several specialized companies offering services
for both public and private sector.

– Our ambition is always to contribute to creating value

Magne says that even if the acquisition does not make a big difference in day-to-day life, this will enable the company to professionalize its processes and deliveries. Dekode will be able to collaborate with – and rely on – the 13 other companies within the Nova group.

– The fact that we get access to more specialist expertise will make us deliver even greater value for our customers. Not to mention, we can learn a lot from Nova, who has been on this journey before us, Magne explains.

– We can exchange experiences on how we can work the best way possible. A solid Dekode is exclusively positive for our customers.

Magne Ilsaas, CEO of Dekode.

A pat on the back

– We know that Nova does not buy just anyone. For us, it is a big pat on the back for Dekode and for WordPress, that a company as good as Nova recognizes that WordPress is important. It is a recognition of the technology and the platform, and of course all the people of Dekode, Magne says.

Dekode’s success with NGOs has also been interesting for Nova. It is something they want to build on further. – Nova will now get the opportunity to deliver with our agility. We also have customers we already collaborate on, Magne points out.

A mutual match

Managing Director in Dekode, Hillevi Røstad, says that it has been a long process with many assessments to see if Nova and Dekode were a mutual match.

Hillevi Røstad

Through getting to know Nova well over a good period of time, we are confident that their company values are in line with Dekode’s.

Hillevi Røstad, Managing Director of Dekode.

Hillevi explains that the «Nova model» means that all the companies under the umbrella should be employee-owned. She believes this could be an exciting opportunity for Dekode’s employees. – Nova works continuously with the goal of being the world’s best workplace, and it is precisely this human focus that we have also built Dekode on over the past few years. The values Nova represent, in addition to their impressive growth journey and the quality they deliver to their customers, made it feel safe to enter a partnership.

Dekode currently has just under 60 employees who work in 12 countries. Magne points out that Nova’s interest in Dekode also creates greater leeway for the employees. – We all get the opportunity to take part in larger professional environments. It gives us more opportunities.

Expanding the Nova-family

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er Nova-Consulting-Group-pressemelding-1024x768.jpg
From the left: Gisle Stavland (Egde), Geir Allan Hove (Nova Consulting Group), Jøran Bøch (Egde),
Magne Ilsaas (Dekode), Hillevi Røstad (Dekode) and Tor Malmo (Nova Consulting Group).

Nova Consulting Group consists of several specialized companies that offer services to both the private and public sector. Their ambition is to combine the benefits of a large community rooted in common values, deliverables and goals, together with specialized subsidiaries that build strong independent brands.

The Norwegian southern-based company, Egde, has also become part of the Nova family this week. With the acquisition of the majority share in Dekode and Egde, the NOVA group today consists of a total of 14 different companies based in Norway and Sweden.

Nova Consulting Group shares the news in Finansavisen and on their own webpage:

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